28 / 11 / 19

7 Spectacular Benefits of Having a Swimming Pool

Owning your own pool has been a lifelong dream for hundreds of thousands of people across Australia – but why? We love the idea of diving into crystal clear water on a hot summer afternoon or relaxing on a lazy weekend, and the thought of being ‘the host with the most’ and having family and friends visit your home with bathers in tow can be incredibly enticing. But are there any benefits of a swimming pool? In this guide, we take a look at the reasons why these features aren’t just a need or want, they are a must!

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  • Exercise
    One of the most obvious benefits of swimming pools is the potential for exercise that they offer. If you’re sick of pounding the pavement or heading to the gym every day, then swimming laps can be a great alternative. If you’re looking for a more slow-paced option, consider simply walking from one end to another – the water provides added resistance, making it harder than simply walking along the footpath.

  • Rehabilitation
    Walking in your pool isn’t just great for exercise; it’s also an ideal choice for rehabilitation. The water ensures there is no excess stress on your joints, allowing you to build-up your muscle strength without causing further damage.

  • Weight-Loss
    If you’re exercising to lose weight, you may avoid swimming laps in favour of running on the treadmill – but studies have found that certain strokes (such as freestyle or butterfly) actually burn the same or greater calories than running! Even better, you don’t have to worry about getting hot and sweaty!

  • Confidence
    If you have young children, you may be worried about the safety risks that a pool poses. Whilst proper fencing a legal requirement in Australia, learning to swim is critical to increasing your child’s safety and confidence around all bodies of water – not just in your backyard.

  • Aesthetics
    Another popular benefit of swimming pool is the stunning feature it becomes for your property. A well-designed space should complement your architectural style, whilst landscaping can create an attractive and inviting oasis just outside your door.

  • ROI
    If you’re planning on selling your home and you want your property to stand out from the crowd, then a pool might be the ideal way to attract potential buyers! Speak with your local estate agent to learn more aboutthe benefits that you can expect to see.

  • Fun
    Of course, the main reason people choose to invest in a swimming pool is because they are fun! Whether you’re splashing with family and friends or simply relaxing alone, they are an excellent space to have fun and create memories.

We know that there are a huge range of benefits a swimming pool can provide, which is why we love collaborating with families to bring their dreams to life! Whether you’re interested in an inground or out of ground style, Olympic size or an option that is perfect for a tiny courtyard, we can work with you to help you reap their benefits for many years to come.

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