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Indoor Pools

If you’d like a pool that can be used year round with very minimal maintenance then an indoor pool could be your splash made in heaven!

As indoor pools are not exposed to the elements, in particular UV rays, the use of chemicals is very minimal. Running costs are low as the debris associated with an outdoor pool doesn’t enter the picture. Most owners tend to heat their indoor pool for all year round use so a cover is highly advisable to retain heat and reduce evaporation and condensation.

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New Home or Existing Addition

If you are building a new home we recommend speaking to us when your plans are being drawn up so that we can discuss some important requirements. Achieving an open feeling through the use of windows, skylights and sliding glass doors is great however they can lead to excessive heat in summer. We can help you choose the right layout and features for optimal enjoyment of your indoor pool.

If you are wanting to introduce an indoor pool to an existing home it is possible to achieve a seamless integration with the right advice and construction experience. Keep in mind that it if you have an existing outdoor pool it is not a simple conversion to make it an indoor pool. It could cost you just as much to build a new pool from scratch.

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Construction Considerations

Heating and ventilation are keys to ensuring comfortable humidity levels for your indoor pool. They will be carefully planned to avoid condensation becoming a problem. Please note that you have to discuss & engage a licenced builder to undertake the construction of the area/room around the pool.

The process for constructing an indoor pool is very similar to an outdoor pool except that the deck needs to slope toward the pool to keep water away from the walls. Deck drainage will be addressed to prevent puddling, which can further contribute to evaporation and increased humidity levels.

So, if luxurious design, year-round convenience and swimming for exercise is for you then speak to us today about the design and construction of a concrete indoor swimming pool.

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Areas We Service For Indoor Pools

Our team of expert indoor pool builders can service all areas of Melbourne, including: Beaumaris, Sandringham, Brighton, Black Rock, Mt Martha, Mt Eliza, Hampton, Portsea, Malvern, Balnarring, Mornington Peninsula and Blairgowrie.

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With 40+ years in designing & building bespoke concrete pools you’ll be inspired by what is to come.

We keep it simple to ensure minimum fuss and maximum enjoyment when building or renovating your pool.