Our Concrete Pools

Beautiful, concrete pools creation. Something to suit every landscape and space. Which one will you choose?

Negative Edge Pools

A popular feature of tropical resorts, negative edge pools appear to merge into the surrounding landscape. Whilst they are generally built on the side of a hill, this doesn’t always have to be the case!

Free Form Natural Pools

The sky is the limit with free form natural pools – these are among some of the largest pools that we build and no two will ever be the same. Combine with rockeries and waterfalls for a resort look.

Lap Pools

Keeping in shape is easier than ever with your very own lap pool. They are an ideal choice for narrow spaces and tend to be shallow enough to stand up but deep enough to complete a tumble turn.

Plunge Pools

With our houses getting bigger and our backyards getting smaller, plunge pools have become a popular choice. Relatively petite in size and shallow enough to stand, they allow you to cool down quickly.

Infinity Pools

Those who live on sloping blocks, particularly if they have stunning views, are often drawn to infinity pools. Water flows over the edge into a catch basin, before being recirculated back into the pool.

Courtyard Pools

If you’ve always thought that you don’t have the room for a swimming pool, think again! Courtyard pools are the perfect choice for those more confined spaces and will form quite the centerpiece.

Indoor Pools

Enjoy the water year round with an indoor pool. The fact that they aren’t exposed to the elements means minimal chemical use and running costs. They can even be heated during the winter!

"We have a spectacular pool built by Baden Pools. They were professional, honest and came through with everything we asked. I would not hesitate to recommend this company."

Kristen Young

Glass Edge Pools

For the look of an infinity edge pool without the catch basin, we recommend glass edge pools. You’ll be able to make the most of your amazing views without the challenges evaporation poses.

Inground Pools

Our inground pools are completely custom built to meet your needs and the specifications of your property. We can handle the excavation of your site, as well as the design and installation.

Out of Ground Pools

We can build out of ground pools in any size or shape that you desire, ensuring that it merges seamlessly with your home and backyard. We can even help you make the external walls look amazing!

Pools for Sloping Blocks

If you would love a swimming pool but have a sloping backyard, you’ve come to the right place. We can design and construct a pool for virtually any landscape – including those on the side of a hill!

Pools for Small Spaces

Conventional pools don’t always work, as house sizes are increasing and block sizes are shrinking. We can provide a variety of pools for small spaces that don’t force you to compromise on quality.

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Why our Concrete Pools?

Variety of styles to choose from
Variety of styles to choose from

Baden Pools allows you to choose from a variety of different concrete swimming pool styles - you're only limited by your imagination. We have styles suitable for sloping blocks, for smaller blocks and for everything between.

Highest quality materials
Highest quality materials

Our concrete pool builders use only the highest quality materials available in the construction of each project. We want you to have peace of mind that your pool will withstand the test of time and continue looking its best.

Design & construction services
Design & construction services

We provide both design and construction services across Melbourne, ensuring that your new concrete pool fits seamlessly into your backyard. We can also provide landscaping services to tie the whole project together.

Completely custom built
Completely custom built

All of the pools in our repertoire have been completely custom designed and built to complement the client's backyard and meet their specific needs. No matter the shape you have in mind, we can make it happen.

Installation Process for our Concrete Pools



A representative from Baden Pools will come out to your home to inspect the site where you wish to build the concrete swimming pool. The completed designs will be sent to an engineer and we will help you to obtain any necessary permits.



Once the plans have been approved and all permits are in place, we will come out to your home and begin staking out the edge of your new concrete swimming pool. The site will then be excavated to the required depth (if required).



For inground pools, the steel that forms the outline is installed; for out of ground pools, the framework is erected. The pump, drainage and other systems are pre-plumbed. Finally, concrete is sprayed into the shell and it begins to take shape.



Our concrete pool builders leave the site to cure before your chosen finish is applied (tiling and rendering are popular) and the edges are completed (coping, paving and decking are popular). The shell can now be filled with water.


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How long will construction take?

Once excavation of the site is complete (if required), it will take between 8 and 12 weeks for construction to be finished. Please note that more complex designs may take longer to complete.

What sizes and depths are available?

As our concrete pool builders will completely customise the design according to your needs, they can be almost any size or depth you desire! For more specific sizing information, please see our individual pool pages or contact us.

What special features can I add?

At Baden Pools, we can combine all sorts of special features with your design to make it more comfortable, including: spas, integrated cleaners, heating, lighting, retaining walls and water features.

Can I position steps wherever I want?

In short, yes. However, we will often recommend a position for steps that maximises the use of your pool. This is particularly important if you are having deep and shallow ends (as opposed to a single depth).

With 40+ years in designing & building bespoke concrete pools you’ll be inspired by what is to come.

We keep it simple to ensure minimum fuss and maximum enjoyment when building or renovating your pool.