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The majority of spas we have built have been part of a pool and spa combination however we can build freestanding concrete spas and have constructed quite a few over the years.

A good size spa will comfortably seat 6 – 8 adults and will be either 2 x 2m or 2.5 x 1.5 or 3 x 1.5m. They are usually 1m deep approx with a 500mm wide seat on at least three sides, if not all. Plumbing usually consists of 6 – 8 wall jets and a floor grid for bubbles. We always fully tile our spas for optimal comfort.

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"Had a very positive experience engaging Luke and the Baden Pools team to construct a concrete pool in Armadale. Responsive, professional and easy to deal with. Highly recommend"

Vaughan Petherbridge

K.I.S.S principle

Keep it small size. When considering a spa remember the key is not to make them too big otherwise heating will take a considerable amount of time, especially in the middle of winter. If you want something bigger then consider a plunge pool with heating and jets to achieve similar functionality to a spa.

Some like it hot

There are two options for heating your spa. Natural gas via a gas heater is perfect for instant heating and for only heating the spa when you want to use it. The other is via a heat pump whereby the spa is kept consistently warm, all year round. Investing in a cover is always a good idea to reduce heat loss and costs.

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Areas We Service For Spas

Baden Pools can build pool and spa combinations in all areas of Melbourne, including: Beaumaris, Sandringham, Brighton, Black Rock, Mt Martha, Mt Eliza, Hampton, Portsea, Malvern, Balnarring, Mornington Peninsula and Blairgowrie.

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