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Pool Decking

Decking around pools has become a very popular choice for many pool owners as it's a cost effective alternative to paving and concrete. 

Pool Decking Melbourne

Rich timber decking

Merbau and spotted gum are the two most popular choices as they are both hardwoods and won’t buckle or go out of shape as a result of being exposed to the elements. Large format, such as 90 or 140mm wide boards, is often more attractive than small format, 70mm wide ones. In order to keep the timber’s rich appearance, you will need to clean and re-stain the boards every year or two.

What about coping?

Whilst some people do use timber as coping, we recommend using coping stone first to create a solid border and then putting the decking behind it. This is because the decking can sometimes bleed, which will stain the interior of your pool. There is also a risk that the wood will swell, which could create a problem down the track with movement.

Building Permits

Depending on the size of the area, decking will usually require a building permit. You will need to allow 3 – 4 weeks for the permit to be obtained, but this will depend on a number of other factors (such as the proximity of easements, distance from your neighbour’s property, existing buildings and even trees).

Areas We Service For Pool Decking

Baden Pools can provide pool decking for all areas of Melbourne, including: Beaumaris, Sandringham, Brighton, Black Rock, Mt Martha, Mt Eliza, Hampton, Portsea, Malvern, Balnarring, Mornington Peninsula and Blairgowrie.