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Pool Renovation

As we all know trends come and go. What seemed cool back in the 80’s will probably be cringed upon today. A pool renovation will modernise your existing pool with the most in vogue finishes.

Pool Renovation Melbourne

Pool renovations can be as simple as a resurface through to the more complex makeover encompassing changes to finishes, the shape and surrounding landscaping.

The sky is the limit

Everything that is used to construct a brand new pool, we can be used to recreate an existing pool.

In the past we have added spas, steps, seats and made pools shorter, narrower and shallower. Doing structural works to your existing pool will generally require a building permit and inspections so you made need an allowance for the pool fence to be replaced or upgraded.

Keep in mind that undertaking a pool renovation can be just as expensive as constructing a new pool.

A facelift

By replacing the interior of your pool you can change the pools look and colour with new tiles or quartz render. Around the top you could select new large format coping and pavers or decking.

Lighting plays a large part in adding wow factor to your pool and surrounding areas. LED lights in your pool along with decking lights, garden lights and wall lights are a great way to rejuvenate your tired old pool area.

Improving technology & efficiency

A renovation can also be a good opportunity to install new pipework to the pool for better water flow and filtration. It may also involve replacing your pool equipment to the latest technology such as variable speed pumps, LED lights and self regulating chlorinators.

Areas We Service For Pool Renovation

Baden Pools can undertake pool renovations in all areas of Melbourne, including: Beaumaris, Sandringham, Brighton, Black Rock, Mt Martha, Mt Eliza, Hampton, Portsea, Malvern, Balnarring, Mornington Peninsula and Blairgowrie.