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Baden Pools Can Provide Pool Lighting, Pool Fencing, Pool Decking And Pool Coping On The Mornington Peninsula

Baden Pools has been designing and building swimming pools on the Mornington Peninsula since 1977 – we now have more than 1000 residential projects under our belt, so you can rest assured that we know exactly what we’re doing. We’ve also won a number of SPASA Awards for Excellence (the most recent being 2015), so you know that our work is of exceptional quality.

Swimming Pool Decking

Once your pool has been built, you might be surprised to learn that we can also provide a number of other services on the Mornington Peninsula:


If you want the area to look truly magical of an evening, pool lighting is the ideal solution. Whether you want lights installed in the actual shell (so that the water is illuminated) or you want them installed around the edges of the area (to provide illumination for those out of the water), we can help you to get just the look you’re after

It is actually a legal requirement that your project be fenced in prior to being filled with water. We can arrange the installation of pool fencing, as well as help you to ensure that any adjoining boundary fences meet the stringent requirements. We can also help you to determine which type of fencing will best complement your property and landscape.

Many homeowners prefer pool decking because it’s quite a cost effective solution and it looks a million dollars. We can build decking using a variety of timber species, allowing you to match those used elsewhere around your property as closely as possible. We ensure that all decking materials are treated for use around water.

Even if you’ve opted for timber decking, pool coping is a necessity – even if it isn’t visible. This is because coping covers the edge of the pool, protecting it from damage and ensuring those climbing out of the shell can do so safely. We have a variety of coping products to choose from, ensuring that your landscape is complemented perfectly.

  • Pool Lighting
  • Pool Fencing
  • Pool Decking
  • Pool Coping

So, if you think that quality pool lighting, pool fencing, pool decking or even pool coping will provide those finishing touches that your new Mornington Peninsula swimming pool is lacking, we hope that you’ll contact the Baden Pools team today. We can actually incorporate all of these things during the initial design phase, allowing you to get an idea of what the finished product will look like.

Swimming Pool Lighting

With 40+ years in designing & building bespoke concrete pools you’ll be inspired by what is to come.

We keep it simple to ensure minimum fuss and maximum enjoyment when building or renovating your pool.