10 / 12 / 19

Helpful Tips to Protect Your Pool Over Winter

Australians are known for their love of the great outdoors. Whether we are hiking, surfing, or spending time in the family pool, we love being outside all summer long. If you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, chances are you’re happy to jump in whenever the thermostat starts to heat up – but what do you do when the weather takes a turn? If you want to know how to best protect your pool over winter, use this list for our helpful tips.

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1.Clean the entire pool

The first thing you need to do at the end of summer is a thorough clean. Scrub the waterline tiles, vacuum the floor and walls, clean the fencing, and scrub the surrounding pavement or timber. This way you’re cleaning up after all your summer fun, and there will be less work for you to do at the beginning of the season.

2.Pay attention to chemistry

One of the best ways you can protect your pool over winter is by keeping an eye on the chemical levels. Adjust your pH balance and chlorine levels every few weeks to ensure it’s safe and ready to use as soon as the warmer weather arrives. Use a shock treatment to keep algae and bacteria at bay.

3.Clean the skimmer box

Winter often brings more leaves and debris than summer, so it’s important that you clean the skimmer box every two weeks to keep it from over-flowing. A clogged skimmer is the equivalent of no skimmer at all, so it’s worth monitoring to ensure it’s doing its job.

4.Backwash the system

While the filters aren’t working as hard during winter, they will still need a regular backwash. We recommend doing this at the same time as your skimmer box. You should also check the pipe, tubes and seals for any leakages. Repairing issues as soon as you spot them will be far cheaper than waiting till summer when they have had time to worsen.

5.Pack away furniture

While your pool furniture might be labelled ‘all weather’, they will last far longer if you pack them away while they aren’t in use. Before packing them up, give them a thorough clean with warm water and soap, so that they are already for the warmer months. Put your umbrella away too, so that it won’t have to battle the elements.

6.Add a cover

We’ve saved the best till last. The best thing you can do for your pool is adding a cover! They will go a long way to protecting it from debris and leaves, and will save you from the bulk of cleaning once winter is over.

Remember, the best way to protect your pool during winter is through maintenance. Checking in on it every few weeks will save you from any shocks when you go to use it again – and these surprises can be costly and time consuming. Contact us if you want to take advantage of our professional pool cleaners right across Melbourne.

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