08 / 07 / 15

Splash into Summer!

If you want to dive in this summer then you need to get your flippers on and have a chat with us about your requirements now.

pool construction process

The pool construction process is quite comprehensive as we need to plan, design, undertake soil tests, acquire permits, etc., which can take 3 – 6 months depending on the complexity of your project.


Here are some of our build considerations:

  • Design – the type of pool you choose and the style of finishes will play a role in the construction timeline. Do you want a pool + spa combination? Do you want specialty finishes? Is your design overly complex?

  • Size – Larger pools will generally take longer to construct than smaller ones, as there is simply more work involved. Do you want a large tropical free form natural pool or a small courtyard centrepiece.

  • Degree of Difficulty – The more complex the design, the more time you will need to allow for construction to be completed. How much excavation is required? Is it a sloping block? Does your site have easy access?

  • Materials – Depending on the materials you have selected, there may be longer wait times for them to be supplied.

  • Permits – Building permits must be obtained from your local council; a minimum of 3 - 4 weeks lead-time needs to be allowed.

  • Curing – you will need to allow 2 - 4 weeks (depending on the size) for the concrete to cure. Wet weather can also delay the curing time.

  • Landscaping – Your pool can only be filled once the pool fencing has been erected according to industry regulations.

We will customise your construction calendar based on all of the considerations above. Each project is unique and the build time will also depend on what else is occurring onsite (such as a new house build or renovations).

We will give you a better idea once we have discussed your project in its entirety. Swim this summer in your dream pool! Contact our team now for a free quotation on (03) 9783 2326.

above ground swimming pool

With 40+ years in designing & building bespoke concrete pools you’ll be inspired by what is to come.

We keep it simple to ensure minimum fuss and maximum enjoyment when building or renovating your pool.